All that first-person climbing and running and rolling is awesome in Mirror's Edge, but Mirror's Edge is a video game. Seeing grown men do much the same thing on a skyscraper in Russia is as amazing as it is gut-wrenching.


This is the first episode of Show Yourself, a series "about street underground culture, travels, adventures and really dangerous extreme sports!" The exclamation mark is theirs, but in this case, it's completely warranted.

The opening seconds give you an idea of what's in store (and are probably the best footage in the clip), and while there's a bit too much interview, it's worth it for the footage of these lunatics working their way up a building (and then ice-covered crane) they're not supposed to be climbing.


In addition to the video, there are some incredible photos here.

UPDATE - Oh God, here's more, same basic idea (camera attached to the head of someone dangerously high off the ground), only better footage, since there's more "FPS" action.

Show Yourself (Episode 1) - How to illegally climb up on the highest construction crane in Europe [Show Yourself, via Laughing Squid]

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