Cowboys Stadium Is A Venue In EA Sports MMA

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Recently, the CEO of MMA promotion Strikeforce mentioned he'd visited Cowboys Stadium. As Strikeforce is a licensing partner of the upcoming EA Sports MMA, some took that to mean the site might show up in the game. They're right.


MMA enthusiast site pinged EA Sports' Randy Chase to ask about Cowboys Stadium - considering the site's interior modeling already has been built by the Madden NFL team at EA Sports Tiburon, where EA Sports MMA also is being made. Chase confirmed the location will be in the game.

"We were going to leave it as a bit of a surprise for the fans when they picked up the game," Chase told MiddleEasy, "but with all the rumors out there we told [Strikeforce CEO] Scott Coker if anyone asked, he could tell them it was in the game and here we are.


"Basically we have the Madden franchise and we have Cowboys Stadium in the Madden franchise and we thought it would be a cool venue to be in EA MMA as well," Chase continued, "So you really have a breadth of venues to fight in, from small places like a high school gymnasium to like a hotel ballroom all the way to a fight at Cowboys Stadium."

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