Counter-Strike Adds Harsher Penalties For Repeat Griefers

Illustration for article titled iCounter-Strike /iAdds Harsher Penalties For Repeat Griefers

As part of the latest patch to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , Valve has made changes to their policy for bad behavior. Two strikes and you are out, pal.


The patch notes read as follows:

A temporary griefing conviction assigned by Overwatch will now be elevated to a permanent conviction if the suspect had a previous temporary griefing conviction.


Previous policy was proportional to the act. Players were given a temporary cooldown period that functioned as a digital timeout. These cases are handled by player investigators in the Overwatch program, which meant to ensure that Global Offensive’s community a self regulatory body with regards to cheaters and griefers.

Not all players are happy with this decision. Some players are reporting that their temporary cooldowns have been automatically updated to permanent bans as part of the upgrade. Others are fearful of mistaken convictions. In spite of this, many other players seem pleased to see griefers get their just desserts.

If you are worried that this policy will affect your Counter-Strike experience, my advice is to not be a dick.

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I love first person shooters to kill some time. I am not really good at them. I haven’t played Global Offensive. I assume this griefing they’re talking about is related to team killing? Serious question: How do they separate the douche from the chaff (Chaff being the people who just aren’t particularly good)? And I know, most “wrongful conviction” complaints are from people who are griefers. I am not. But I am someone who appreciates the games where team killing isn’t even an option, because I can get a little twitchy and I don’t want to screw over my time.