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Can you ever get enough Rock, Paper, Shotgun? The answer is no, especially not during the holidays — last year saw the gaming advent calendar, and this year has two new features.


The first is their RPS 'Now That’s Why I Love A Best 2008 Ever!', which takes a month-by-month look at '08; next up is their 12 Games of Christmas:

We’re not content with just one high-concept ultromegoXmasfeature this year, oh no. As well as a wry look at the year that was, we’ve also distilled the many, many games we enjoyed over the course of 2008 into a mere 12. Why? Because 12 is a Christmassy number, dummkopf. It does mean there have been sacrifices. We mourn for the games that did not make the cut, and will never forget them. Somehow, though, we’ve managed to agree on this shortlist


I'll waiting with bated breath to see what their remaining selections are going to be — as always, RPS is worth a read, especially when they're doing long form write ups on their favorites. I just wish the advent calendar had made a reappearance, but I suppose three year-end features would be overkill ....

The 12 Games Of Christmas [Rock, Paper, Shotgun]

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