Cosplay Suggestion

To: Ashcraft
From: Totilo
Re: Are You A Cosplayer?



I once cos-played as a vampire, but some other guy got in the way of the one picture of me doing it.


Why is it that when you run into a wall in a video game your character usually keeps running? Why hasn't that been fixed?

Maybe someone should cosplay as that: Guy Walking In Place Into A Wall. Directions: Carry a wall in front of yourself and keep walking toward it. The costume is ruined when you stop walking.

Also, why don't more games pause automatically when you put the PS3 controller down on a table or the couch, the way Burnout Paradise did? What's the point of having motion control in the controller if it's not going to be used to detect no motion?


I have other things I'm wondering, but, man, I bet that's enough for now!

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Luke Plunkett

but what if you're able to hold the controller REALLY still?