People have many theories as to what the bottom of a Diglett (and by extention, its evolution, Dugtrio) looks like. Maybe there's a horrible nightmare monster buried down there. Maybe it just has some sort of feet. Maybe there's nothing down there at all.

My favorite theory? Dugtrio is actually a really burly humanoid:

Which makes this cosplay of Dugtrio, spotted at Fanime this weekend by Nick Robinson, rather perfect:


There are other pictures from the event, of course:


One of the cosplayers in the group goes by "Zalot" online, and he posted about this cosplay on Reddit‚ÄĒhe says that he was "pretty sore from all the flexing." Showing off how ripped you are is hard work, folks! My only complaint is that there are no pictures of the cosplayers all hugging each other, like in the original fanart‚ÄĒnot that that makes the cosplay any less amazing.