I feel like I'm about to sit down and watch a performance of Fifth Element: The Musical, this cosplay is that good. Which I'm not, because that doesn't actually exist, and why the hell does that not exist, anyway?

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Fancy Pants is Kotaku's weekly round-up of the best in video game cosplay (costume play), where fans dress up as their favourite characters.


THE HOBBIT | Cosplayer: AlexOakenshield

CATWOMAN | Cosplayer: WhiteLemon | Photographer: Jonathan Duran


DOCTOR WHO | Cosplayer: MangoSirene | Photographer: LJinto

ATTACK ON TITAN | Cosplayer: skyrap | Photographer: Pugoffka-sama


FIFTH ELEMENT | Cosplayers: Tanuki-Tinka-Asai & Alexander Saburov | Photographer: JCJ

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS | Cosplayer: JuliaSyczewa | Photographer: Mateusz Zahora


ASSASSIN'S CREED IV | Cosplayer: Leon Chiro | Photographer: Walter Pellegrini