Coronavirus Won't Impact Switch Sales In North America And Europe

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Photo: Nintendo

Yesterday, Nintendo announced that Switch production and shipment to Japan from China will be impacted by coronavirus. Nintendo has issued a statement to Kotaku saying Switch sales and shipments for North America and Europe won’t be delayed.


As Kotaku also previously reported, pre-orders for the Animal Crossing Switch were moved from February 8 to TBA in Japan.

However, Switch supply for North America and Europe will continue unabated. A spokesperson for Nintendo of America issued the following statement to Kotaku:

We can confirm that the manufacturing of some Nintendo products for the Japanese market has been delayed due to the impact of 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak. Nintendo does not anticipate a significant impact on our broader global supply chain for systems and accessories at this time, and product sales in North America and Europe, including preorders, are not affected. We would like to express our concern and support for all those affected by the coronavirus during this challenging time.

The Animal Crossing Switch bundle goes on sale March 13 for $299.

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I’m surprised by this. Do they have a different manufacturing plant for the Western hemisphere which is unaffected by corona? Or do they have enough stock in the US and Europe that they can still deliver for a month or two? And only newly-produced goods are affected by this?