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Today, Nintendo announced that, due to the affects of the coronavirus, there will be delays of Chinese-made Switch consoles and peripherals bound for the Japanese market.

According to Nintendo, production and shipment of Switch consoles, Joy-Cons and other peripherals to Japan are being impacted by the effects of the coronavirus. Kotaku has reached out to see if this will impact the North American market.


(Update: February 7 - 6:18 AM EST: Switch sales and pre-orders for North America and Europe are not affected, Nintendo tells Kotaku.)

Shipments of Ring Fit Adventure, which requires a physical peripheral, will also be delayed. (Update: Feb. 6, 5:05 AM EST—Pre-orders for the Animal Crossing Switch have been moved to TBA.)

“We would like to offer our deepest apology to our customers for any trouble this is causing,” Nintendo wrote in an official release.

In China, over 560 people have died from the virus.

The company said it hopes to get its products out in a more timely fashion even as the effects of the coronavirus continue and asked for everyone’s understanding.

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