Cops Called on the Only Man Camping Out for the 3DS Launch

This guy has been waiting outside a New York City Best Buy since Tuesday, a one-man campout line waiting for the Nintendo 3DS. That is, until store security called the cops to shoo him off. Look, I don't mean to stir the pot, but we know what's going on here: It's because store security is white and this man wears a Power Glove in public.

See, that's Isaiah "TriForce" Johnson, the uberfan notorious for wearing said Power Glove (and, it is rumored, never takes it off). Though only one person has joined him, making this more of a segment than a line, Tri_Force has decided the campout for the 3DS's North American release began on Tuesday. And damn right he will be first. (Some NSFW language in the video.)

That's provided that TriForce can resolve this misunderstanding with store management, who got a little creeped out by his constant presence on the block and didn't buy his explanation that he's waiting for the 3DS' release at midnight Sunday. So New York's Finest came to the scene. TriForce has since risked losing his place in a line populated only by him, by ducking around the block whenever security changes shifts or comes to the front of the store.


TriForce says that even though he's preordered the 3DS, it's a personally important tradition that he be first in line for the release of new Nintendo hardware. Only then can he break the evil spell that affixed the Power Glove to his hand.

Nintendo 3DS Line Starter - Day Two - Kicked Off The Line By NYPD [RawGamePlay, via Destructoid]

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Umm... why not just reserve your 3DS somewhere? It's not like they are currently in THAT high of demand.