Late to the party on the latest development? Weekend friends B-Miggs and Agent B have broken down the orthodoxy of each console's partisans and their most common reactions to the most common industry news.

Predictably, most of the reactions have less to do with one's favored console, and more to do with another. Lovely how everyone's an expert on something they not only don't have, but they also proudly refuse to buy.

The chart kind of reminds me of something proposed by a sports writer I worked with back in college . He figured all football coaches - few of whom ever deviate from postgame clichés - should be given a menu of boilerplate answers, that way news conferences would go much quicker. It'd be just a guy at a lectern looking at a list saying, "Uh, let's go with a number 5, number 11, numbers 13 through 16, then 29, 46 and 51, except for 51 replace 'injuries' with 'suspensions.'"

If anyone can draw up a list of 50 or so for us, we can pack a lot more into our threads. Such as No. 13 - Slow news day?

Video Game Message Board Reaction Chart [GameSpy]