After a couple of weeks' worth of teasing, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada confirmed during a brief Twitter video that the best Final Fantasy game ever created will soon be released on the PlayStation Network.

Just in case any of you forgot which Final Fantasy was the best, it was of course, Final Fantasy IX for the PlayStation. Final Fantasy VII might have brought the series into a new age, and Final Fantasy VI (III in North America) had the best cast and the most insane villain in franchise history, but there's one thing neither of them had.


This guy:

Vivi wins, every time, and if you feel like arguing about it, I shall channel the very spirit of the internet into one giant, all-encompassing 'You are wrong.' Just imagine me saying that after every argumentative comment, and I can relax and eat my Chinese food.

Anyway, we'll soon be able to carry him around in our pocket, or play with him on our PlayStation 3 brand console product. So says Yoichi Wada, via his tiny Twitter video. Hit up the link to see Yoichi in action!


Final Fantasy IX Confirmed for PSN [Adriasang]

Of course I am joking. Final Fantasy love is a personal thing. Please don't set me on fire.

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