With Final Fantasy VII and VIII already on PlayStation Network, Final Fantasy IX shouldn't be too far behind. Via Twitter, a Square Enix producer says the company will be considering such a release very soon.

Shinji Hashimoto had been asking for followers' opinions regarding FFIX over the past several days and then late Friday, in a tweet translated by Andriasang, he indicated news could be coming soon.

"Thanks to everyone for your opinions on FF9. Regarding an FF9 download release, everyone is so passionate about it that I'll be proposing it at the next board meeting. Look forward to next week!"


If it's just now going before the company board, it doesn't sound like Final Fantasy IX will be available anytime soon. Maybe by "look forward to next week," Hashimoto means news of some sort of announcement, whether a re-release date, or the decision to go forward with putting it on PSN.

Strong Hints For Final Fantasy IX PSN Release [Andriasang]

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