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Conan Thinks Call Of Duty's Funeral Is Stupid, Too

"Hold X to pay respects? What does that mean? That's crazy! Is there a button for, 'I'm here because I thought I might meet somebody?'"


Warning: minor Advanced Warfare campaign spoilers.

Conan O'Brien's latest "Clueless Gamer" segment is about Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and it is certainly... something. Unsurprisingly, Conan is pretty taken aback by "Hold X to pay respects" and, er, Kevin Spacey's eyebrows. "They hired one of the greatest actors in the world, and then they give him the eyes of a carp that's been in the refrigerator for three days," he says of in-game Spacey's weaker moments.


Same as us! You know, we really should just hire Conan to work at Kotaku one of these days.

Also, fun fact: Conan is very bad at crossing the street.


"This is the hardest thing I've done in my life," he said after attempt 36. He finally made it on attempt 59.

If you ever find him attempting to cross the street in a warzone full of jetpack cyborgs, give him a hand, will ya?


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I am not that fan of cheap humour . like when Jon Stewart said that gamers dont get any girls, or when Conan, (well) when he talks like he does.

But lets remember that they work everyday to make comedy, and sometimes they have to go to that easy place to make things funny. sure its insulting, but we still laugh. (sometimes)

I still haven't gotten over when Jon Stewart said Fuck you to my country Norway on his show. even tough he was trying to be funny -_- One of those cheap things that hurts someone and makes other laugh.