Conan O'Brien Leaks Tiger Woods PGA Update

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Tiger Woods status as EA Sports' top golf pitchman is probably safe. In fact, his "personal failings' might be grist for a new direction in his namesake video game, as Conan O'Brien (or his writers) shows.


You have to go through about a minute of this video to get to the germane portion. In all, it's a nice use of Grand Theft Auto IV, but what's up with the its-a-me-Mario voice? Elin Nordegren is a woman and a Swede, not an Italian dude.

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New Tiger Woods Video Game [Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien.]


ShadowOdin is gonna be King of Kotaku

You know, I watched yesterday's Daily Show and the mediacoverage of Tiger Wood's minor incident is through the roof. What gives?

It's like none of the people reporting this have ever been in an accident, and last time I checked, no-one had to have their boss come out and say that someone gets to keep their job after injuring no-one