Reader Allison sends a chuckleicious play-nice - "just my advice, nothing official" warning- from an Age of Conan GM to a Something Awful guild member. (.jpg of the chat after the jump). Remember that large-scale player-vs-player? Well, just don't make it too large-scale.

The GM more or less asks them to not engage in Player-versus-Player in groups of more 5, and no more than three groups, but "if you guys are planning a mass event, we support it ..." Well, then, make every event is a mass event. Plus the pleading tone of this just makes it sound like an absolute joke. That, and "There are Anonymous among our ranks."


I have yet to play AoC, this is more Fahey's territory, but I can spot a lot that's laughably wrong with this, and not just a request to ask SA to comply with anything. One of Age of Conan's major touts was its large scale PvP - unless you get griefally profiled by a GM, in which case you're asked to take it down to reg'lar size.

And while it's a bitch to get repeatedly attacked in unwanted PvP encounters, sure, the game also has mechanisms through which players can avoid them. But when someone complains, they're not advised to switch instances or move to another server. Instead the guild, playing on a PvP server, gets warned and threatened.

So let's assume all this applies to y'all too. Do not attack in groups of more than 5, or with more than 3 groups. You might get a talking-to. Or something.

No More PvP on this Server, Guys. GMs Said So [Age of Conan Forums, thanks reader Allison]

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