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Compare the Look of the Newest Smash Bros. Game to the Old One

Lots of attention—some of it creepy—has been paid to all the new characters coming to the fourth installment of Nintendo's all-star beat-em-up. It's great that the Animal Crossing villager, Wii Fit trainer and Mega Man are getting people excited. But there's another reason to get hyped: this Smash will be in hi-def. That means a heightened visual approach to the characters you already know and love.


YouTuber Master0fHyrule has spliced together from Super Smash Bros. Brawl and the newly-previewed Super Smash Bros update and compares how Mario, Samus, Pit and other Nintendo royalty look in both games. Mario actually looks more cartoony in the upcoming game while Samus' armor looks more streamlined—with smaller shoulders—than it used to. What differences are you seeing?

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I really don't like that Nintendo isn't embracing realism in many of the Wii U titles. I mean, the HD cartoon look is nice for some games, but the Wii U is an HD console, I want to see some realism. It makes me worried for the next Metroid and Zelda titles, as well as anything else they put might put out.