Company Of Heroes Designer's Widow Tells Her Story

Erin Wood, the widow of Company of Heroes Online lead designer Brian Wood who died tragically in a car crash earlier this month, appeared on NBC's Today this morning to discuss the accident and how she's coping with her loss.

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Seeing Erin talk about the accident that claimed Brian Wood's life earlier this month really brings the tragedy of the accident into perspective. The story was heartrending as it was, but seeing Erin discuss her husband's last-minute heroism and how he will be remembered by them is almost too painful to watch.


As reported last week, a memorial trust has been established to help Erin and the couple's unborn child through this trying time.

Visit the Brian Wood Memorial Trust webpage to see how you can help.

Husband steers into crash to save wife, unborn child [NBC via AOL - Thanks UltimaWeapon]


Possibly offending comment below:

I can't watch the video at the moment, but I have read the articles, but it's safe to say the story is more or less the same.

OK, for starters, I never like these stories. People die all of the time, and I think few deserve any recognition over others. I know this is a game site, so I understand why it's here (just not the Today show and why it's such a widely reported on story in general)

Here's where I'll probably lose the other 2 people that decided to keep reading.

If you are driving, and you notice you are about to be in a head on collision, you swerve out of the way. Statistically, regardless of what may happen, you are better off to swerve to the right (and typically are more likely to at any rate). Even if the other guy is in your lane coming at you, there's a chance that if he wakes up/looks up/realizes what is going on he is going to swerve to his right as well (drugs obviously lower the reaction time, but that chance is still there).

I just don't see how instinct or reaction in this situation equates to heroism. I mean, it's a good thing that it worked out the way it did, but from what I've read it's more of a coincidence than anything.

I could be wrong, or I could just be a dickhead.