Combat Juggling Looks Awesome

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Hello! This week we spend too much money on Runescape, listen to some baby gators, run away from killer robots, play a new Zelda game and do a little combat juggling.


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There are too many good games coming out right now and I’m sorry to inform you that there is one more.

I remember back in 2008, my entire middle school and high school were all playing Runescape. None of us ever spet $60k though. At least I don’t think anyone did...


Just got the platinum trophy for this game and I honestly think I’m going to buy it on PC in the near future and play it again. I didn’t want it to end, either.


A wonderful story about how a joke became a well-loved meme.



Why did boring sports like golf, baseball, and football become huge instead of combat juggling?


Watch out! One of those gators is going to grab your ship. Wait, I’m being told that this is a good thing. Let it happen!


Bill Hader is fantastic and I feel so bad for him as I watch these clips.

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I still don’t fully understand Roblox, but this is now a part of it. I think?

We need more dinosaur games! I enjoyed this on PS4, hope it runs well on Switch.

This probably doesn’t work if you play it the middle of a brightly lit and busy grocery store.

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They look like a bunch of jerks just waiting to screw up the next person. Lol