Club Nintendo Coins Will Soon Buy Virtual Console Games

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Nintendo Coins, the virtual currency Club Nintendo members receive for doing things like registering their game and hardware purchases and answering surveys, will soon be able to buy Virtual Console games, according to an announcement that was briefly live on the Club Nintendo site.


NeoGAF user Spike took that screenshot before the news was taken down. In addition to the VC Super Mario Kart and the 3D Classic Xevious, the WiiWare title Fluidity and the DSiWare title Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Minis March Again! were also touted at values ranging from 100 to 150 coins. The selection will be chosen based on member feedback, and will include a "surprise selection" each month.

To give you an idea of what those values mean, you get 160 coins for buying (and registering) a Wii or a DSi/3DS. The "welcome survey" for joining the club gives you 30 coins. You get 40 coins for buying a first-party DS/Wii title and taking a short survey.

Club Nintendo coins are currently redeemable for curios, doodads and swag from the club's catalog, like card sets, Wii Remote holders, giant AR cards for the 3DS, and downloadable screensavers.

I've hit up a Nintendo rep just to ask what's up. Any comment we get will go here. I hope this happens soon, as I have 160 coins set to expire on Dec. 31.

[Update]: Well, right there in the news feed on the right hand side of Club Nintendo's front is this notice: "New rewards and games available for Coins coming soon. Please stay tuned!" Sounds as good as confirmation to me.

Also, I was reminded that my points do not expire at the end of the calendar year, but rather the end of the Club Nintendo year, which is June 30. So that currency I mentioned is good for another six months. Didn't want to frighten others.


(Top image by NeoGAF user Spike)

You Can Buy Select Downloadable Games with Club Nintendo Coins [Tiny Cartridge]



So, Nintendo, how about putting those GODDAMN SNES GAMES ON THE 3DS' eSHOP?!?!?!

Also, let us non-Ambassadors be able to purchase the same games they get, even if they're not free.