Close Call

To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Bwah, Today is Friday?


Friends invited me over for dinner, and I had two greasy, rare hamburgers, just the way I like them. Now what I failed to mention here is I rode my bicycle four miles to their house. Which means after this meal and another hour of hanging out, I had to ride it four miles back.

Pretty sure you can imagine where this is headed. It was slick out, and I was riding in the fog with a headlamp, utterly terrified of wiping out. I was like a truck carrying a load of TNT over an unpaved mountain pass. And while this does have a happy ending that needs no further description, I will confess to passing a construction site and tugging on a chain-link gate just to see if it would open.

And when you're trying to break into a construction site port-a-potty, that's pretty desperate.

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A friend of mine doesn't have a gall bladder, yet still continues to eat moderately greasy food. He states that, while going to the bathroom, if he were to even throttle the force to 25% full power, he would more than likely blast off into outer space. Keeping this in mind, my friends and I were trying to find him a genuine space helmet for Christmas, just so he could be prepared.