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[sarcasm] Speaking in Greenwood, Miss., noted games industry insider Bill Cosby announced a new version of Grand Theft Auto IV. This one apparently costs $250 and has some extras, and not a key to Liberty City, more like an aptitude test for jail or something. "[It c]ost your mother $250 to buy that for you so you can practice your entrance exam (to prison)," Cosby said of Grand Theft Auto, at a a community rally. Whoops, oh, heh-heh. I see. Had my news blinders on. Cosby was not in fact flacking some new collector's edition, he was flogging everyone's favorite scapegoat for everything that troubles society. To be fair, he got off on an angry-old-man rant about hair extensions, sagging pants and lots of other things, too. No word on whether pound cake-related police shootings are still on the rise. [/sarcasm] What a celebritastic day on Kotaku. Bill Cosby: Grand Theft Auto is Entrance Exam for Prison [GamePolitics]

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