The standard Atari joystick was not designed for comfort. Or for gaming, really, if we are being honest. Retro cool aside, looking at it now it resembles something you would expect to find on a Soyuz mission control console. It is strange to think that there is now an entire generation of gamers who never had to suffer the pain/thrill of holding on to one of these during a marathon gaming session. But now, thanks to retrogaming pushers Legacy - you may remember them from the Atari Flashback 2 - the Classic USB Joystick Controller can wreck current-gen wrists as well. Ideal for MAME usage, this should work out of the box on Windows, OS X and Linux 'puters. Your tendons may not thank you, but for just $14.99 semi-authentic 1970s gameplay can be yours. Man's Necessities: Air, Water, and USB Atari 2600 Joysticks [Gizmodo]


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