Now here's a blast from the past. Courtesy of DotEmu, purveyor of updated re-releases of classic games, Irem's 1987 side-scrolling arcade shooter R-Type is ready to be experienced all over again.

There's a bit of a story involved: an earlier version of the R-Type port actually showed up on the app store back in 2010, published by EA. When their publishing deal with EA expired shortly after the game's release, DotEmu pulled the game from the store, vowing to bring it back, self-published and more polished than ever. This is that new, polished version.


Titled R.Type, the iOS port sports quite a few modern improvements, including Game Center support, two different control methods, two difficulty settings, and Retina Display support. It can be nabbed here for the paltry sum of $2, while the Android version, which has been out for quite a while, can be found over here.

R.TYPE [iTunes]

R.TYPE [Google Play]

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