Clash of the Titans Dated for July 27

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GameStop is listing Clash of the Titans for July 27, the first official date the adaptation of the movie now in theaters. I'd like to say the pre-order includes a Harry Hamlin retro skin for Perseus, but it does not.


The preorder instead gives you codes for two extra quests, which deliver you two additional weapons. Quoting:

Quest #1:Bird in Hand: Slay the Cockatrice, a giant winged beast, at the mount of idols. Its venomous breath is a grave threat to the people of Paxos. You will be given a new sub-weapon "Wing of Icarus" , if you are successful in your quest. This allows you to create a tornado that knocks back anyone who gets in the way.

Quest #2: Songs of Enchantment: The mysterious Succubus and beautiful Siren await you at the end of this quest. Battle through skeletons to get to these beautiful, but deadly enemies. Defeat them and you will be awarded another sub weapon, "The Song of Orpheus." While you are playing the tune, thunder will damage the enemies around you.

July 27, it's more than three months after the movie released but look on the bright side - you'll have forgotten about God of War III by then.

Clash of the Titans [GameStop]



I can't imagine this game selling more than 3000 copies at most. Who would buy a late game adaptation of a remake that didn't do se well in theaters when there are a few alternative games in the same genre that have already gotten good scores. The movies characters weren't interesting, the battles were forgettable. The whole time I was watching it, I was thinking about how much better GOW was, and I haven't even played the 3rd one. This may be the Atari ET of our time.