ChrisWarcraft's Weekly NFL Quest, Level Two: Break the Horses of Middle Earth [Update]

Last week Chris Kluwe, the Minnesota Vikings punter and noted World of Warcraft and RPG fan, cast his team's season opener in terms of an MMO quest. He's done the same thing this week so we'll hold him to it and chart his progress.


Although, I do wonder who the quest-giver is: Is it head coach Leslie Frazier? Or Commissioner Roger Goodell, as the league performs the scheduling?

This week's quest:

Update: The Warriors of the Northwoods failed, 23-20. Says Chris Warcraft himself:


Last week:


Result: QUEST COMPLETE (Minnesota 26, Jacksonville 23. Kluwe: 5 punts, average 48.4 yards, long of 59.)

Right now the Vikings trail the Colts 10-6 at halftime.

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