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Back in November we pointed you to Pac-Txt, Pac-Man as a text adventure. Now we deliver you Pong rendered as a 180-page Choose Your Own Adventure book. It's like someone sat around thinking "Hey, you know that game Pong? What if we could make it even slower and more boring. But admit it, you're intrigued. And you can read the entire thing after the jump.

One of the best parts of the Choose Your Own Adventure series was hunting through the book for the page where you "win" the story and then backtracking the choices, so that you could read straight through without choosing and thus defeat the purpose of the book (because 10-year-olds are just that ungrateful). If anyone wants map out this one, please do post it in the comments. I'm wondering if match point is one of those slice returns or a tight angle shot right into the corner.


I'd be remiss if I didn't mention you could buy a hard-copy version to play when your power goes out. Or you could get a PSP, which is smaller, lighter and more, like, fun.

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Paper Pong[Paper Console]

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Page 15 to 20 is such BS. There's no way in hell the ball will cut its angle magically in mid travel like that! *Mumble mubmble....*