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Child's Play Drivers Pile Back on the Bus

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Take a seat and don't stand forward of the yellow line - Desert Bus for Hope kicked off its third marathon o' masochism, and looks to top the $70,000 it raised last year for the Child's Play charity.


Online sketch comedy team LoadingReadyRun is back behind the wheel, promising to play the most boring video game ever designed - Desert Bus, from Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors for Sega CD - in return for your donations. Desert Bus is a simulator that depicts driving a bus between Tucson, Ariz. and Las Vegas in real time. The game cannot be paused.

The first hour of driving - which begins this very minute at LoadingReadyRun's bus campaign HQ in Vancouver - requires only a $1 donation. But additional hours require donations that increase by 7 percent every hour. You keep donatin' and they keep drivin'. As of writing, they had already collected $5,640 before even cranking the bus' engine, buying a total of 88 hours so far. By their scale, a million dollars donated would double that playing time.


The bus crew played the game over five days last year, raising $70,000 in the process. Penn Jillette referred to the marathon in the latest edition of Game Informer, marveling that the team was able to pile up a score of "eight points." You get one point per completed trip between the two cities.

You can follow the action on two live streaming cams: The driver cam, and the bus cam. Donation info is at the link below.

Desert Bus for Hope [site]

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bullshit reservoir is full

I tried to assemble a team to play this last year. Not for charity or anything, just because. I had the first shift, and nobody else showed up for theirs. I kept going for around three hours before I started falling asleep at the wheel, got the bus towed, and turned the game off in frustration having scored zero points.