Illustration for article titled Chik-Fil-A Flap Added to 2012 Campaign Game, Iran Attack De-Emphasized

The Political Machine, the PC game that lets you play out the Obama-Romney race for yourself has been updated to keep up with current events (and tweak some gameplay). Now you can make your candidate be for or against Chik-Fi-Let, which presumably means being for or against the fast food chain's opposition to gay marriage.


Other updates, via the Political Machine's public relations machine:

  • Added new issues to reflect current political climate:
  • Added "Chick-fil-et" as a new issue
  • Added "Provide Tax Returns" as a new issue
  • Added "Gov. Builds Business" as a new issue
  • Decreased importance of "Military Strike on Iran" and "High Gas Prices" to reflect current political climate
  • Updated electoral votes for states that had census changes
  • Fixed issue where custom candidates couldn't be selected in multiplayer
  • Fixed memory leak that could lead to poor performance in very long games
  • Fixed stability issues when a second game is started after a game has already been played
  • Fixed multiplayer victory achievement
  • Fixed a bug with a custom female body option referencing the wrong model
  • Fixes for various rare stability issues
  • Fixed multiplayer sync issue where the turn would sometimes not advance

Hmm. Iran policy won't be that big a deal? I guess it is the year of the economy.

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