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Check out this interesting Rock Paper, Shotgun article on Dota 2's Compendium weather options—it asks, can such a small detail have an effect on the gameplay?


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Mr Multiverse

Oh my God, shut the fuck up, you guys.

It was an opinion piece on a blog. She's entitled to her opinion and to write what she wants, just as you're entitled to your own opinion and the choice to read it or not, and to comment or not, and to carry on being a collective bag of smashed assholes or not.

Honestly, if you want to call for firing a writer for an opinion piece on a blog that you did not agree with, just leave the site. Or, even better, note when an article is posted by a particular writer, and then AVOID IT.

You can easily disagree with an opinion. You don't have to be an uppity, entitled brat about disagreeing with someone else's opinion. Christ, this is the same thing we had to tell people who bitched about every single non-technology article that got posted to Gizmodo: YOU ARE A FREE PERSON, WITH FREE WILL, WHO CAN MAKE THE UNOBSTRUCTED CHOICE TO STOP READING AN ARTICLE, OR VISITING A WEBSITE, IF YOU DISAGREE WITH IT.

The site isn't catered to your whim, and there's gonna be stuff on here you don't like or vehemently disagree with. Deal with it like an adult, for fuck's sake, and don't throw a shit fit whenever something "terribly wrong" comes around.