So she’s only on screen for a few seconds of the over three and a half minute long Comic-Con trailer for next year’s Batman V. Superman. They are the best seconds.

It’s an impressive trailer, both visually and lengthwise. Lex Luthor’s wig gets a lot of play, and we get to see more of why brooding Bruce is brooding. Nothing pits two heroes against each other like hundreds dying in a collapsing building and holding a crying child, especially when the one dealing with the crying is the world’s most famous crying child himself, Bruce Wayne.


But yes, I am most excited for Wonder Woman, as I’ve seen several movies starring the other two big heroes here but none featuring the third element of the holy trinity. Gal Gadot looks much more angry and powerful than I’d imagine she’d be if I ran into her at Hardee’s. So far, so good.

And with that the movie elevated itself from “probably skip in theaters” to “fine, dammit.”

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