Check Out Cross-Dressing Phoenix Wright, Part 2

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Once again, the ladies at musical troupe Takarazuka Revue are bringing Phoenix Wright to the stage — complete with singing, dancing and cross-dressing.


And once again, Takarazuka star Ranju Tomu will be taking the role of Phoenix Wright in Gyakuten Saiban 2 - Truth Resurrected, Again. This time, Tomu is sporting a new hairdo. There's also a new character, Luce Areia, a California native who comes to Phoenix for help.

"The decision to produce a sequel was based on the positive feedback from fans of the original," Capcom stated back in March. "The combination of Capcom's story about a passionate young attorney who must defend those who are wrongly accused with elements of love and romance that the Takarazuka Revue provides led to tickets selling out on the first day."

Takarazuka uses the game's English language character name, Phoenix Wright, instead of the character's original Japanese name, Ryuichi Naruhodo, for its musical versions.

The musical will be performed at Takarazuka Bow Hall in Hyogo and the Takarazuka Revue's Akasaka ACT Theatre in Tokyo. The Bow Hall performances will run by August 20 - August 31. The Tokyo performance will run from September 5 - September 15.



I never really considered women wearing suits as cross dressers. Cross dressing should include the proper underwear, so unless she's wearing thighty whities that's just a girl in a suit.

Also should not be wearing a bra. But from the pics it looks like her breasts have been bound enough and needs to be set free.