Cheap Ass Gamer Shoots People in the Face for a Good Cause

Head cheap-ass at Cheap Ass Gamer and my breakfast friend CheapyD shelled out to appear in Saints Row 3. It wasn't just because Cheapy loves Saints Row (he does), it was also for a good cause.


Back in 2010, after a young woman was tragically burned in a fire, Steve Jaros, senior writer on Saints Row, felt compelled to act. Jaros didn't know 23-year-old Ashley Ames, but since his wife is a burn victim, he wanted to do whatever he could and contacted Kotaku.

In an effort to help pay off the medical bills burdening Ashley's family, Volition contributed items to a charity auction in Ashley's name. One of those was the voice acting role in Saints Row 3, the role that CheapyD, who isn't actually cheap, shelled out two thousand bucks for.

"Gamers and gaming sometimes gets a bad rap," Cheapy told Kotaku in Aug. 2010, "so when we come together and work on something charitable, we all look, and feel, good!"


Know what else looks good? The trailer for Saint's Row 3 Cheapy D DLC. It's a free download and available after players unlock Shaundi's Ex-boyfriend's apartment in the game. As Cheapy blogged, "After downloading this DLC, you'll be able to call me up on your cell and have me shoot people in the face for you."

CheapyD Homie in Saints Row: The Third Available 1/17 [CAG]


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