Champions Online Open Beta Detailed

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Champions Online developer Cryptic has dropped details and dates for its upcoming "open" beta test, with 50,000 keys up for grabs worldwide via IGN's FilePlanet.

Yes, Cryptic and FilePlanet have teamed up to help streamline the beta testing process. There are now two ways to get beta keys, either by actually preordering the game at select retails, or going through FilePlanet. Either way, FilePlanet will be your source for the game client, with paying subscribers to the service getting their hands on the client on August 5th, nearly two weeks before the beta kicks off on August 17th. As I understand it, those not subscribing to the service will have to wait until the beta test is live.

FilePlanet will have 50,000 codes to give away for players in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, so if you aren't planning on preordering you might want to keep an eye on their Champions page to make sure you secure a spot.

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Please. PLEASE, let me get in. I never got into the LBP beta so god owes me. HE OWES ME.