Champions Online: One Million Heroes Strong And Growing

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According to developer Cryptic Studios, Super Crecente is just one of more than a million superhero characters created since the launch of the massively multiplayer Champions Online.

Atari and Cryptic announced the one million character milestone today, using the figure as an example of the strong reception Champions Online has received from both fans and game critics since the game launched in early September. A million superheroes running about saving the day is nothing to scoff at, though I'm sure the companies would rather that was a million registered players. Still, Atari seems pleased.

"We are very pleased with the wonderful praise Champions Online is receiving," said Jim Wilson, CEO, Atari, Inc. "We credit the great MMO fan base and look forward to seeing what players create as the game continues to grow and develop. We are working hard on new content and updates that will expand the universe and give Champions fans more to explore."


Expect that number to increase by a large amount this weekend, with a free trial of Champions Online kicking off tomorrow.

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1 million + chars is roughly over 125k users #championsonline