Chainsaw Plus Paddle Equals Dead Rising 2's Paddlesaw

You know how it goes: You see two everyday items that, apart, are ordinary but, together, might help you survive a zombie apocalypse?

Capcom now shows us that Dead Rising 2's duct tape option allows gamers to cobble together such weapons. That confirms our own Brian Crecente's theory from September:

With the increased presence of duct tape in the game I can't help but wonder if that new skill will be the ability to craft your own weapons by attaching things together with duct tape.


The weapons customization in the upcoming 2010 multiplatform game was described at a Capcom-Microsoft event earlier today in Japan. And now we can see it in an official Capcom screenshot released today:

No word yet on how much variety the weapons customization options will be, though I doubt that will stop readers here from offering some possible combo suggestions.


For the record, Crecente's other DR2 theory is that the game will involve some sort of video-capture system, to one-up the photography system of the first game. We have no confirmation on that. It's a theory.

Dead Rising 2 New Screenshots Show Off Weapon Creation [Capcom Unity blog]

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