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In preparation for the Championship Gaming Series 2007 World Championship being held in Los Angeles (6-14 December), CGS has announced the Asian final. Teams coming from Seoul, Dubai, Sydney, Singapore, Kuala Lampur, and China will meet to determine which four teams will be heading on to LA. So if anyone's going to be running around Kuala Lampur next month, the pan-Asian finals will be held from the 15th to the 18th. Full release after the jump.


Los Angeles, CA- September 25, 2007- The Championship Gaming SeriesTM (CGS), the only worldwide professional gaming league, today announced that its Pan-Asian Final will be held from October 15-18 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. At this spectacular televised tournament, six teams will battle to determine the finalists that will proceed to the CGS 2007 World Championship in Los Angeles. At the World Championship, the top twelve CGS teams from around the world will compete for the title of 2007 World Champion. The prize pool for the CGS World Championship will total an unprecedented $1,000,000 with the top team receiving a prize of $500,000.

CGS teams from Seoul, Dubai, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Sydney will meet at the CGS 2007 Pan-Asian Final. The soon to be announced official team city for China will also be a contender at the Pan Asian Final, rounding out the already competitive roster of teams.


The top four teams from the Pan-Asian Final will then travel to Los Angeles for the CGS 2007 World Championship and compete against eight other teams from around the world, including Chicago and Carolina from the U.S., Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro from Latin America, London and Birmingham from the UK and Stockholm and Berlin from Europe.

"With teams from Seoul, Dubai, Sydney, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and the soon to be announced team from China, we have representation from the leading countries in e-sports and the best gaming talent throughout Asia, Australia and the Middle East," said CGS Commissioner Andy Reif."The Pan-Asian Final will be an intense competition as players and their managers fight it out to see who will represent their countries at the CGS 2007 World Championship and vie for the title of World Champion."

Below is the schedule for the Pan-Asian Final and related events in Kuala Lumpur:

Oct. 05-07: Kuala Lumpur Qualifier, Draft&Final

Oct. 13-14: Dubai Qualifier, Draft&Final

Oct. 13-14: Sydney Qualifier, Draft&Final

Oct. 15-18: Pan-Asian Final

Valve's Counter-Strike®: Source® and EA's FIFA 2007 are the official PC games for CGS. On the Xbox 360, CGS features Tecmo's Dead or Alive® 4 (DOA4) and Project Gotham Racing® 3 (PGR3) from Microsoft Game Studios.


Each CGS team features a total of ten athletes, each specializing in an official League game. Five of the ten players comprise a Counter-Strike: Source squad which competes in five-on-five matches. FIFA 07 is played one-on-one. Each CGS team also has a mixed-doubles team of two DOA4 players, who will play against other teams in one-on-one matches on Xbox 360. The racing game PGR3 is played by two players on each team in a two-versus-two format.

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