CEO: 'A Vampyre Story' Will Be Ready When It's Done

"We kind [of] like the Blizzard business plan in that we don't release a game till it has reached a certain high level of quality," Bill Tiller, CEO of Autumn Moon Entertainment, told Kezins, "because we want to have the reputation of putting out a few games, but of high quality." Know what I like about that strategy? You're already assured of achieving half of its objectives. That said, A Vampyre Story is showing progress toward being a good game. It's visually appealing - a prerequisite for a point-and-click SCUMM-based game - as this exclusive pic Bill gave Kezins certainly shows [more at the link]. And the story, another must-have for such a game, starts in the right place: An undead opera singer with dreams of performing in Paris someday. Tiller also worked for LucasArts on SCUMM classics like The Dig, The Curse of Monkey Island and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. So he knows the capabilities of the engine and how to make it useful to a game. Apparently, Autumn Moon is working on not only A Vampyre Story, but also A Vampyre Story 2, and an unannounced third game. They've been so busy they haven't had time to update their Web site. Tiller says that'll happen around August or so. Exclusive: ‘A Vampyre Story' Progress Report with CEO Bill Tiller [Kezins]


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