Catch Up on Video Game High School

Freddie Wong is a god among men. Men who make awesome videos on the internet, that is.


His latest project is Video Game High School. A nine part web series set in a future where gaming is the #1 sport in the world and only the best of the best can attend... wait for it... Video Game High School.

While I'm here I figure I might as well catch you up. Here are episodes 1 through 6. You can thank me later, or never, it's on the house.

The latest episodes of VGHS can always be found at where they premeire one full week before being put on YouTube.



Wow, I am way behind on this. But this is something so special that when I ran across it on Netflix just now on 12/26/12 I had to make this series of points and babbling bullshit.

Alright, I can't be this old now. To see this kind of schlock celebrated across Youtube and Reddit and even somewhat in this corner of Netlfix is somewhat eye opening and shocking. So there's either some widely known misunderstood use of "irony" kind of in-joke going on, or I've seen and gone across that South Parked referenced age when most things feel and resemble sloppy fecal matter.

This is terrible. The lowest kind of scam that masquerades as entertainment purely built to generate money for a select number of providers who don't care about their work or even seem all that interested in creating a product to stand behind.

So the gist of what is laughably called the story is a science fiction fantasy world is out there somewhere where video games are a celebrated seemingly international love. It's never quite explained about how or why, or even why some games are celebrated specifically, but whatever we'll run away from that pitfall of unexplained lazy writing.

So there's this shooter game that everyone really likes, and this one guy who's really good at the game forces his way into a random online room to show off for some kind of morning zoo news show, and gets killed by some dude (our protagonist as I'm to understand, although I don't believe this to be true). Which is so impressive, that this dude get's somewhat forced into a militant cult of meme-recycling proto-humans to be trained to be better at this one aforementioned shooter (and possibly some other video games later, but again this is never really explained).

Comedy is supposed to ensue, but that's a fairly liberal use of the word comedy. There's never a set up to any one joke, almost anything resembling "quirky" dialogue is the same misuse of "ironic" jokes, or worse recycling internet memes strait faced. It's kind like if Reddit/r/gaming was written out on an Etch& Sketch in its entirety and tossed into a tumble dryer and the resulting mess was randomly assigned for character dialogue.

To reiterate on this angle about internet character infusion. Characters act and speak in a manor typically seen in a youtube comment section, furthermore their actions seem to have minimal sentient thought or social context, it's like they all suffer from having the same extra sets of chromosomes respectively. For example in this gamer school, students are expelled for having too low of a gamer rating (wins/losses, deaths/kills, fuck all, again this is NEVER explained how this works under any context). Which effects the plot for the first few sections of the story because our stand in hero dude becomes somewhat of a social misfit for unknowingly causing the expulsion of another student. The school then seems to turn on our proto-human hero for causing the expulsion (which doesn't make any sense because all these students know the rules, they celebrate it all in fact and yet when the thing actually happens they're all sadden and angry about it like its a shock, it really makes NO FUCKING sense). But I guess writing actual story arcs and plot is kinda hard and slows down the process of turning traffic hits into a dollar value.

Which brings me to the more cynical observation about this whole thing. There's laughable whorish product placement everywhere, on the level of a Jack and Jill via Adam Sandler. Nearly ever scene has a Monster logo somewhere or a specific brand of keyboard or what have you (which is kinda sad to think this monster of an advertisement doesn't even have the merit to pull in an existing actual video game to use anywhere, even the likes of Activision and EA wanted/want nothing to do with this kind of shameless money grubbing).

Just for the sake of context, I play a fair amount of videos games and have for the past decade. And this series feels ... cynical in nature. There's something very mean about the way these stories play out. There's nothing illuminated or even all that celebrated about games, gamer culture (which is fair to say is shlocky, but not quite this low). It's just one visceral shot of some gamer dork acting less than human after the next.

Anyone who enjoys comedy, please leave as their is none here. Do you like video games at all, for fun or as an art, don't bother with this crap because you will only be angry and sad about this. Do you like semi famous internet catch phrases being tossed around with no real point or context, you're just might like this enough to turn away after ten minutes and go back to Reddit.

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here. Abandon ship and may god have mercy on your soul.