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Cat Loaf

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To: Luke
From: Owen
Re: Modern Mario


Bear, my cat, has been behaving a little weird lately. I think the crap weather here in Oregon is getting to her, because it's darker than California and the wet weather means she's indoors more often. Bear usually would hang out in a kitty bed behind the TV, or in one of my dresser drawers. But this week, she's taken to hanging in the tool closet, up on the towel rack over the commode and, all of today, in front of my keyboard. It's like trying to type around a furry meatloaf.

So if there were any typos, misspellings, errors or libel this week, blame the cat.


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My cat also hangs out in odd places, though usually she goes to anywhere that is high up. Like shelves or cupboards. She also sleeps on most things electronic, for the warmth. Though she hasn't yet messed around with my laptop. The strangest place she sleeps in I think would be the sink. Yeah, I haven't quite figured out an explanation for that one... #weekendnote