Castle Crashers DLC Arrives at Midnight

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Last night The Behemoth announced that the Necromantic DLC for Castle Crashers - said to be coming "soon" - is coming out, like, now. At midnight U.S. Pacific time it's available for 160 Microsoft points.

Update: The countdown seems to be pegged to your IP address's local time. Gamers on U.S. Eastern time say they have about two and a half-hours left right now. So, midnight, wherever you are, it should be out.

The Behemoth tweeted about it late last night, directing people to this countdown site.


The pack will include two new characters - the Necomancer and the Cult Minion. There will also be a new Animal Orb - the Dragonhead, and two weapons: the NG Skull Mace and the long-awaited chainsaw.

The Behemoth Presents - The Necromantic Pack [Castle, thanks lockerhaxor]

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Only 160 points isn't bad at all, but I can't help but feel that this is just too little, too late, I was a big fan of this game, even endured the annoying lag issues and random disconnections, but I, along with my friends, stopped playing it months ago. Nevertheless, hopefully more than a few people will pick this up and enjoy the content, cheap DLC is always a good thing.