Cartoon Network Eying Chinese Market for Casual Games

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Just joining the rest of the world in pursuing the magical (giant) Chinese market, Cartoon Network has announced that it is commissioning SinoTech, a Beijing firm, to create games based on CN-owned properties as well as SinoTech IPs. The games will first be targeted at the pan-Asian site and a site localized for Taiwan, and may find their way to other localized Asian sites and an in-the-pipeline portal for mainland China:

The Turner-owned kids brand has commissioned SinoTech, a Beijing-based firm, to create online casual games based on its own characters as well as cartoon characters owned by SinoTech. The deal also gives SinoTech exclusive rights to sell ads around the games, with a focus on tapping new advertisers from China. SinoTech will develop two games each month that can be deployed on Cartoon Network’s pan-regional site as well its localized site in Taiwan. The games they produce may find their way onto Cartoon Network’s other localized sites in Asia such as Japan and Korea, as well as on a mooted localized site for mainland China that's in the pipeline.


CN is looking for a piece of the casual Chinese pie, though it's doubtful they'll really be able to challenge; still, CN execs are confident that their targeted kids market will give focus and direction to future marketing efforts. Cartoon Network’s Chinese Dream [Asia Media Journal]

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All I hope for is that every one of these games becomes massively popular and are all slightly subversive.