Career Mode, New Controls On Serve For Top Spin 4

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Tennis sim Top Spin 4 teased more realistic controls when it was announced three months ago; a retail listing says it'll continue sports gaming's trend of moving commands to the right analog stick. A singleplayer career mode also is coming.

"My Player," which debuted in MLB 2K10 last spring and has been a moderate success in 2K's NBA series for two years, will arrive with Top Spin. The game also will feature "all new intuitive controls" and a player roster featuring 25 current professionals "dozens of talented up-and-comers" as well as licensed superstars from the past.

Top Spin, like much of the rest of the pro tennis tour, has been a solid entrant in sports gaming without much attention. On their face these features don't represent the kind of game-changer that will drag people over to the sport. But PlayStation Move support - and 2K's NBA game was the first major title on the platform - might.


Top Spin 4 is due for release in February.

[via Operation Sports]

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I played a good bit of Top Spin 3, but it wasn't ever perfect. No matter how large a crowd you played in front of, the crowd sound effects always sounded like the same 15 or so half-interested people. And unforced errors would curiously start to creep in on set and match points, as if the game were programmed to force maximum-set matches every time. But the controls were great, I hope they aren't changed too much.