Capcom's France Boss: "The Future is on PS3 and 360"

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Capcom's director general for France sounds very pessimistic about development for the Wii, feeling that its user base has "radically changed" into something that is no longer interested in core games such as the poor-selling Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.

"The customer of [the Wii] has turned into something [of a] much broader audience. It is a disappointment," says Seux (pictured) in an interview translated from French via Google Translate. Seux, speaking to the blog Gamekult, also calls developing for the Wii "difficult" and goes on to say "for us, Capcom, the future is the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360."

It's likely we're hearing Seux's offhand opinion of the future, not official Capcom messaging here. Still, the words, coming from such a stalwart brand on Nintendo's platforms, are eyebrow raising.


It's clear Seux is frustrated. He points out sales of just 16,000 for Darkside Chronicles in the first three weeks of its release, compared to 140,000 for Resident Evil 4 on the Wii at release in in 2007. Seux's explanation for the disparity: the market has moved on.

One feels that there is a problem very clear on this style of game on the Wii, where gamers have obviously moved on. Resident Evil 4 on Wii worked well, but [it was released] when the market had nothing!

While Seux says the Wii is "still an important part of sales," he calls it "very much a family [console] with low attachment rates."

"This is the year of the emergence of so-called 'new console generation'," Seux concludes. "So for us, Capcom, the future is the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360."

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Rachel Fogg

I don't care much for the Wii, I don't hate the little guy, I like what it's been doing for alot of new gamers.

But really....FFS Capcom...way to be late to the party. LOL!

The Wii is a system, just like the PS360, you need to treat it with the same 'devotion' like you would with those consoles. Make quality titles, think outside the box, think of different and fun ways to use the Wiimote and motion controls. Making waterdown ports or 'Rail shooters' and being surprised that it didn't sell Gears numbers is know better Capcom.

The Wii is a good system, there is a BASE of core gamers on there that want a quality mature game. But you can't just push out something that's half ass and expect big sales.

If developers focus on the strengths of the console....

I have a PS3, I dealt with crappy ports and crappy attitudes from game companies :coughValvecough: but the games will always speak for themselves.