Whether joking or serious, Capcom-Unity's asked for input on what its next Vs. game should be, and that sets everyone to wondering if one really is in the works. They're offering a meager bounty for the best-reasoned suggestion.

Winner gets "precisely 12% of the swag in Seth's "random Capcom swag" box. You can supply yours at Capcom-Unity. But it's kind of pointless because I've already thought of the winner: Stephen J. Cannell vs. Capcom. You need a franchise with a huge stable of classic action heroes, right? With this you get all four members of the A-Team; The Greatest American Hero; Ken Wahl in Wiseguy; Jim Rockford from The Rockford Files; Fred Dryer in Hunter; Johnny Depp in his 21 Jump Street Days, plus Hardcastle ... and McCormick.


Bam, it's like printing money. I can't believe I'm still here pitching this to you and you're not already working on it, Capcom. Get moving, we can talk about my residuals later.

Capcom vs. (Insert Idea Here) [Capcom-Unity; image from Capcom-Unity]

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