Capcom: RE5 Versus Code is Not on Disc

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Capcom exec Christian Svensson got called out by his customers to explain the puny size of the RE5 DLC, which some took to mean it simply unlocked code already on the disc. He responded.


In reply to "RE5 DLC 1.8MB EXPLAIN THIS TO US SVEN or whoever can," Svensson says:

Keys are 100K or less. It is not a key. We have said in the past, it uses assets from the disc (like levels, models, audio, etc.) but the code is new and does not exist on the disc.

IGN had definitively said on Tuesday that the download was a key. "You are downloading a key that unlocks content already on the RE5 retail disc. The same disc you paid $60 for a month ago." We and other blogs politely asked Capcom WTF, but didn't get any official comment.

But then the Cut Scene's Ben Fritz, arguing a point of view I've found myself gravitating toward in these DLC dustups ("a rather ridiculous attitude of entitlement that gamers need to lose") found Capcom's reply in a now-locked thread. I will say that, parsed out, IGN and Capcom can still be correct. Capcom has said the download makes use of code already on the disc. Again, IGN said "You are downloading a key that unlocks content already on the RE5 retail disc." The difference is what, exactly, is on top of the 100K Svensson says is taken up by a key.

Capcom Says 'RE5' Versus Mode Legit, Not a Key [MTV Multiplayer, sourcing The Cut Scene]


Sando Calrissian

Let's just make this simple: Under the assumption that Capcom DID have the multiplayer, in fact, ready to go at launch it's pretty clear that they ALSO had the foresight (if it is, indeed, a key) to pad the download. At this point ask yourself: why not just make it a download to keep all you outraged types quiet? The size makes sense and even so: if they were making you pay for it anyway under the exact same circumstances and it WAS a 60 mb download would you still be complaining? What's the difference? You feel a sense of moral outrage but ultimately as long as you're willing to choke down what's his face's spiel regarding no one's complaining about the games "as is" content prior to hearing about the potential of multiplayer (and you should) it shouldn't make a difference whether or not it was already on the disc. YES of course they had it in mind ahead of time, it was ready practically AT launch! Are you so deprived of things to be angry at that you need to gripe about five dollars that you're not forced to spend on a part of the game that is entirely separate from the main experience? Want something to be angry about? Go read YouTube comment threads for a few hours; your blood pressure will rise to the point where there'll be an audible 'pop'.