Rumor: Resident Evil 5's Versus Mode Was, Yes, On The Disc All Along

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Capcom caught more than a little flak for charging extra for Resident Evil 5's VS mode. Their excuse? That it was "beyond the initial scope of Resident Evil 5".


Seems Capcom may have a strange way of defining what was in the "initial scope" because, as anyone who has downloaded the add-on will have found, the DLC weighs in at a massive 1.8MB on 360, and an even more impressive 351KB on PS3. Leading some to suggest that, well, you're not really downloading VS mode at all. You're just downloading a key and some extra code that unlocks content that was already on the disc. The disc you already paid for.

Course, this practice is nothing new. Nor, if true, would it be entirely unexpected, as Capcom had previously said that VS mode "makes use of the assets that exist in the game".

The counter-point - as many of you have already pointed out - is that both file sizes (1.8MB and even 351KB) are bigger than other, previous "unlock codes". And if the game mode only needed new code, and not new assets, then a small update may well cover everything that was needed.

As of writing, Capcom have yet to respond to our requests for clarification or comment.


[via IGN]


Dope Boy Hero

Ohh, that's a bitch move Capcom.

Completely off topic, but the picture in this article reminds me of the early 2007 trailers of RE5 and it got me wondering; those mechanics the Majini were able to do, like tackling, locking your arms together and taking you down, throwing punches at you while Chris is ducking from them...they weren't even evident in the released version of RE5.

Also that special lighting effect they were talking about. Like emerging from a completely dark room into the bright sun of Africa would have the effect of Chris straining his eyes so that they adjust to the brightness.

Am I the only one thinking like this? >_>