Capcom Unity's built up a raffle site and, having no Shriners Lodge pancake supper to test it on, have gone to Plan B, offer a VIP trip to L.A. for Street Fighter IV's launch.

Unlike an actual raffle, you don't have to buy a ticket from a Rotary Club officer, over-permed cheerleader, or Cub Scout. In fact you don't have to pay anything. Of course, the currency is Capcom Unity points which you earn by getting involved over on that site, so Capcom's interest here is obvious. But still, if you want to get your Sonic Boom on, jet-plane and limo-style, this is your best opportunity. Yep, they'll fly you there. Hell, even if you live in Bakersfield I doubt they'd make you take the bus.

That said, you're in the Los Angeles area already, and are over 21, the launch party is Feb. 12. The game, of course, is yours in North America on Feb. 17.

Like Street Fighter? Let Capcom Fly You to the SFIV Launch Party [Capcom Unity]