Capcom Offices Preparing For Viral Outbreaks

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Have you heard? There's a Swine Flu about. And it's got people - including those at Capcom's Japanese offices - thinking about killer viruses, and how best to protect against them.


The company's 2009 fiscal year report contains, amongst all the cash-counting and unit-shipping, a reassuring statement for investors, outlining that Capcom are completely and fully prepared for an outbreak of swine flu.

As part of our risk management procedures, we are currently implementing hygienic countermeasures for the possible influenza outbreak. We have distributed alcohol disinfectant to all of our offices and stockpiled enough hygiene kits that include masks and mouthwash for all employees. We are dedicated to be prepared for various contingency situations.

Uh, just how various (and dangerous) are those "contingencies"? It's just...well, you know...




Capcom branded Energy Drinks? Which also prevent me from becoming a zombie?

I'll bite (har-har).