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If you know what "Pringles" means among Marvel vs. Capcom 2 players - and it's no compliment - you can win a can of the real thing autographed by the guy who coined the term.


It comes from Michael "IFC Yipes" Mendoza and was dropped in the stream-of-conscious lingo play-by-play of this MvC2 fight years back. Capcom's Seth Killian saw Yipes at Evo 2009 last week and got him to sign some cans of chips crisps for the big giveaway that Capcom-Unity is running.

Of course, the actual answer is easy to peg and quite prosaic; someone who is pringles is likely an easy opponent. Has a fever for the flavor of getting his ass beaten, if you will. But Seth's opening this up to more creative takes on the definition of the term.


Just remember, if you win, you'll end up getting a can of Pringles that's probably three weeks old. Then again these things are jampacked with enough preservatives I'm sure they'll still be good in August. 2012.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2: "It's So Pringles" Contest! [Capcom-Unity]

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